UFC 262 Free Fight: Charles Oliveira vs Tony Ferguson

30 Apr 2021
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Charles Oliveira earned his UFC lightweight title shot against Michael Chandler at UFC 262 after a dominant victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 256 in December last year. UFC 262 goes down in Houston on Saturday, May 15.
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  • It was definitely a bad day for tony. It looked like he didn’t know what to do.

    MEONLYBROMEONLYBRO4 jam yang lalu
  • “Joe playing that rusty trombone about these jiu jitsu guys” - Rampage Jackson

    DJ_CubDJ_Cub4 jam yang lalu
  • I’m still fairly new to UFC so can someone explain why Charles was given a break just cuz he was bleeding?

    Tim’s Hot TakesTim’s Hot Takes4 jam yang lalu
  • 👎👎👎😴😴😴

    Nurbolat BektureyevNurbolat Bektureyev5 jam yang lalu
  • Tony fergusson, is a fucking tricky slicky

    Tiana ShieldsTiana Shields6 jam yang lalu
  • Tony Ferguson is my type of guy

    Akihi YepAkihi Yep6 jam yang lalu
  • UFC 53 Ciesoit Tuiobekpolm VS Setrain Koiures

    Hadsadee MANIXABHadsadee MANIXAB6 jam yang lalu
  • Why does it say it’s posted 2 weeks ago

    Nathan JeromeNathan Jerome6 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is such a great fighter he loses every fight😂

    A RazaA Raza6 jam yang lalu
  • tony the type of guy to break his arm and legs on fight purposely to pay doctors

    The NotoriousThe Notorious6 jam yang lalu
  • hes that type of guy for sure

    brown guybrown guy7 jam yang lalu
  • Ferguson was mauled in this one.

    FruityDickensFruityDickens7 jam yang lalu
  • I only come here for the Tony Ferguson type of guy comments. You guys are golden.

    GreyExceptionGreyException7 jam yang lalu
  • Oliveira is a very technical fighter, stance and wrestling 👏👏

    Mikhail GorbynovMikhail Gorbynov7 jam yang lalu
  • This was like seeing Wolverine fight his upgraded clone in Logan

    Chris HernandezChris Hernandez8 jam yang lalu
  • overused words in this section "type of a guy"

    Joh TipzJoh Tipz8 jam yang lalu
  • Hahaha tony god bye....

    Ahmad AidilAhmad Aidil8 jam yang lalu
  • tony is the real definition of embrace the grind

    Joh TipzJoh Tipz8 jam yang lalu
  • Terrible performance this Saturday also. Tony needs to retire.

    Jon ArbuckleJon Arbuckle8 jam yang lalu
  • Joe wants VAR to come in and do the slo mo on the knee, it was down joe

    Adam FanningAdam Fanning9 jam yang lalu
  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to pull guard on the big show

    Jay Da Fight FanJay Da Fight Fan9 jam yang lalu
  • I wish I have Tony Ferguson Endurance

    Micah BellMicah Bell9 jam yang lalu
  • Tony změnil tactiku oproti Junstinovi

    David BartDavid Bart9 jam yang lalu
  • Tony ferguson is the type of guy who don't give a fuck when his left arm is broken but continues to fight and gives a hard time to his opponent who tries to submit him.

    Rahul AyyambadanRahul Ayyambadan9 jam yang lalu
  • Khabib is scared.. when you're scared you retire lol

    BRENT ConlonBRENT Conlon9 jam yang lalu
  • Charles olivera looks like tig from sons of anarchy in the thumbnail

    Hamza HussainHamza Hussain9 jam yang lalu
  • Wow Oliveira refused to go for another submission with Tony's left arm in the 3rd round. So much respect for the guy. God bless him

    Prison MikePrison Mike10 jam yang lalu
  • Joe said it best "total domination"

    Jax ChristianJax Christian10 jam yang lalu
  • Turd Ferguson Vs Tony Ferguson!

    Jay BennettJay Bennett10 jam yang lalu
  • Charles Oliveira is so fucking good he is just having fun against Tony.Tony is getting a good lesson how to fight a excellent Brazilian.He will be the champion no doubt about it there are nobody as good as Charles

    Mario FerreiraMario Ferreira10 jam yang lalu
  • Retire Tony, three fights lost, your done, pride comes before the fall and I have never seen someone more arrogant. Turn to Jesus, He will forgive. He loves you!!!

    Troy ClineTroy Cline11 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is history!

    Med RAYANEMed RAYANE11 jam yang lalu
  • Ferguson is cringe.

    QwertyuiopQwertyuiop11 jam yang lalu
  • Why can't the commentators just shut up 🤐

    Andi MaurerAndi Maurer11 jam yang lalu
  • :'(

    FuryoFuryo11 jam yang lalu
  • All "type of guy" commenters below beat dead horses. Douche nozzles on parade.

    strawdog *80*strawdog *80*12 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is retired, because he's tired.

    Peter ThiessenPeter Thiessen12 jam yang lalu
  • Tony Ferguson is a type of to put doctor's arm into plaster cast.

    Bayindir GülayBayindir Gülay12 jam yang lalu
  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy who after the fight give all the money in the house of Cuckoo.

    tim nimtim nim12 jam yang lalu
  • T Ferguson is a man of the past and to be honest I haven’t seen him do anything successful in years . Now there is a new kid on the block who is just superior and with new and evolved technique. He Oliveira, just looks like a champion in waiting. 👍

    Yimmi Lopez-HidalgoYimmi Lopez-Hidalgo12 jam yang lalu
  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to fight his clone so he has a 100% chance of winning

    B CannonB Cannon12 jam yang lalu
  • How did this Tony get into UFC? He only knows how to talk and get fans behind him. He is old and should retire ASAP

    Tobi OjomoTobi Ojomo13 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is a type person that wants to win but he ends up not trying.

    notacatcat shadow opsnotacatcat shadow ops13 jam yang lalu
  • старик тони пол боя яйца оливеры нюхал

    deksterdekster13 jam yang lalu
  • I don’t think I’ve heard Joe so impressed by a fighter while announcing

    NovaHovaNovaHova13 jam yang lalu
  • Бля .. Хабиб их вместе взятых привет,куда бля Тони рыпнутся хотел.

    Dima BmwDima Bmw13 jam yang lalu
  • Blonde guy is a beast

    Chris CruzChris Cruz14 jam yang lalu
    • He's Charles Olivera

      Gloster GuyGloster Guy13 jam yang lalu
  • And they sad Khabib is in trouble with Ferguson lmao hahahaha

    Miry KenedyMiry Kenedy14 jam yang lalu
  • Тони не сломать никому

    Вячеслав ВячеславВячеслав Вячеслав14 jam yang lalu
  • Charles is on another level. He destroyed Tony so badly that his career is about finished.

    WCWC14 jam yang lalu
    • Gaethje did that

      LemmiwinksLemmiwinks9 jam yang lalu
  • Khabib would destroy Tony.

    WCWC14 jam yang lalu
  • Charlie Olivera uf

    Jose GomezJose Gomez14 jam yang lalu
  • Always will watch your fight Tony but you lost that one

    Joseph WagnerJoseph Wagner15 jam yang lalu
  • I hate him the most but salute to his courage he didn't tapped. Tony you were definitely a tough competitor to khabib

    Mac CenaMac Cena16 jam yang lalu
  • Olivier a is just the dlc skin of Tony Ferguson

    Nicco MaganaNicco Magana16 jam yang lalu
    • 😂😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯💯

      Erick C.Erick C.14 jam yang lalu
  • This video's comments has the best Tony Ferguson memes.

    ShoebyShoeby16 jam yang lalu
  • After watching this, you realize what Khabib would have done to him, yikes.

    AlexAlex16 jam yang lalu
  • well we learned u cant armbar tony freakin fergy

    loudpackalumni YTloudpackalumni YT16 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is the type of guy who loses three on the spin and retires.

    Craig RansleyCraig Ransley16 jam yang lalu
  • Anyone watching after oliveira won the title? Lol

    Spida ManSpida Man16 jam yang lalu
  • I've been watching MMA for over 15 years, and I think Ferguson is the toughest fighter I've ever seen. I think that he actually likes the pain or something (hasn't he said that before?). It's really not worth letting your elbow or you knee get damaged like that, but maybe he takes a lot of pride in proving to everyone just how insanely tough he is? I don't know. It's certainly marketable.

    GooglarGooglar17 jam yang lalu
    • Toughest person in MMA. Hands down.

      Erick C.Erick C.14 jam yang lalu
  • Tony's ass humiliation. So sad T^T

    악플맨악플맨18 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is the type of a guy who punch his mouth when he has a plan

    mamamaumamammamamaumamam18 jam yang lalu
  • Тони ещё хотел и с Хабибом подраться))) в партере ничего не может сделать)

    Кое ктоКое кто18 jam yang lalu
  • The announcers are all about Tony as he is getting dominated.

    Dallhoc 289Dallhoc 28918 jam yang lalu
  • Tony told Cowboy Cerrone to hold his beer on the longest losing streak right now.😂😭

    Don GoddiDon Goddi19 jam yang lalu
  • Who won??

    Priti SanghaviPriti Sanghavi19 jam yang lalu
  • Tony ferguson is the type of guy who convinces the ufc that he is still fit enough mentaly to fight but he is not.

    Anthony MarquesAnthony Marques19 jam yang lalu
  • Tony lost to his own ultimate form

    Omid HeidariOmid Heidari19 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is the type of guy who needs to retire but just flatout wont.... LOL

    Anthony MarquesAnthony Marques19 jam yang lalu
  • I basically just watched ghetto khabib beat tony, finally the fight happened lol

    Smoked MurphySmoked Murphy19 jam yang lalu
  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to tap after his arm got broken

    Salih AlamriSalih Alamri19 jam yang lalu
  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to submit chuck Norris

    Jeremy WalkerJeremy Walker19 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is getting older

    Must ArryMust Arry19 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is the type of guy to never tap never quit love you tony ❤ always

    Vimal PatelVimal Patel19 jam yang lalu
  • Do Bronx is a fucking monster!

    Brener TeixeiraBrener Teixeira20 jam yang lalu
  • Trouble is Tony,s started listening to his own hype which has made him start to become careless!

    Shaun DavenportShaun Davenport20 jam yang lalu
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    20 jam yang lalu
  • If ferg could fight backwards he would be unstoppable

    Trevelle JonesTrevelle Jones20 jam yang lalu
  • Is it just me or this 2 guys look a like ?

    Master Of lionsMaster Of lions20 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is weak man. He's old and should retire. Hate to say this but he can only defend by taking all the beat down. His time is up. Respect

    Faudzee MokhtarFaudzee Mokhtar20 jam yang lalu
  • FOR OLIVEIRA KO!!! idworlds.info/from/2MasfbuwjGZ6ndU/video

    Sports MomentsSports Moments21 jam yang lalu
  • C Oliviera is good fighter👍👍👍

    amir aleaamir alea21 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is both these guys reason they need dudes like this in 170Lb

    Prince Bytor FrunobulaxPrince Bytor Frunobulax21 jam yang lalu
  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to fight with a broken left arm to improve his striking in his right arm.

    Brandon SaundersBrandon Saunders21 jam yang lalu
  • lmao wow whatta brawl

    Ethan LeChevalierEthan LeChevalier21 jam yang lalu
  • Tony Is the type of guy to smoke weed to test if weed gets high on him.

    Claudio OttelliClaudio Ottelli21 jam yang lalu
  • What's that clickbait it's ufc 256 not 262!

    Yani DimitrovYani Dimitrov21 jam yang lalu
  • this fight was boring as fuck.

    Jammc123Jammc12321 jam yang lalu

    раз дватовраз дватов21 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is the type of guy to get TKO’ed so as to not tap out.

    Dharya DograDharya Dogra21 jam yang lalu
  • Tony the type of guy....to beg Justin for his soul back.

    jeremiah johnsonjeremiah johnson22 jam yang lalu
  • Tony should have coached TUF.

    Jared OpokaJared Opoka22 jam yang lalu
  • zzz

    Беха ХзБеха Хз22 jam yang lalu
  • This is not a fight. Just boring.

    DarkBFDarkBF22 jam yang lalu
  • Tony is the type of guy to lie to the media so he can bomb Hamas

    Shawn WheelerShawn Wheeler23 jam yang lalu
  • Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who loses 3 fights in a row to make himself more humble.

    SlingshotSlingshotHari Yang lalu
  • Olivera is quality man he's going to reign for a long time, all the best to him, Tony was and always will be amazing he is one of my favourite fighters,but time catches us all I'm afraid..respect to both men .

    Rob WhittakerRob WhittakerHari Yang lalu
  • Тони Какой тебе бой с Хабибом Тебя два школьнина нахлестают😂 очередной палец👇

    Артем КашинАртем КашинHari Yang lalu